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Introduction of ceremony:

The New York Branch will hold a grand opening ceremony  on April 26, 2019 in New York.

And then, the politicians, well-known entrepreneurs from various fields around the world, the top executives of well-known enterprises, high-efficiency professors and other industry elites will attend the ceremony and discuss the hot spots of the future investment and operation of the latest trade and financial development trends in the international financial forum, and conduct in-depth exchanges and interaction with politicians, businessmen, overseas Chinese and academics.

Introduction of GMU:

Founded in California in 2014, global business alliance (GMU) is a global enterprise exchange organization and business mutual aid platform based in North America and facing the world.It is committed to strengthen the in-depth collaboration of the global entrepreneurs and promote the enterprise’s global layout effectively, when serving the entrepreneurs.


10:30 am Arrive at the Times Square

11am -11:30 am The opening ceremony

12am -3pm Welcome to the lunch and financial forum

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